iGo – Built to last. Built for life.

If you’re on-the-go and need supplemental oxygen, you need iGo. No other portable oxygen system is built this ruggedly. Offering continuous flow or PulseDose® delivery, the iGo separates and concentrates oxygen out of the air, eliminates tanks and hassles, and runs on three types of power. Now you’re free to go everywhere – for as long as you like – with iGo.

Rugged. Lightweight. Portable.

Discover greater portability, performance and peace of mind. Click the icons below to interact with the iGo Portable Oxygen System..

Go Everywhere with iGo

Oxygen on demand for car, train, bus, boat or plane travel. iGo is approved by the FAA. It’s the perfect traveling companion!

iGo Resources

View & download useful information, including the iGo Owner's Manual, Instructional Video and Brochure.

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