Clinical Effectiveness of iGo® with PulseDose® Technology

DeVilbiss Healthcare has been a leader in the supplemental oxygen therapy industry for over 20 years by providing robust quality and clinically efficacious products. At the cornerstone of DeVilbiss oxygen products are oxygen concentrators with the ability to provide 90% oxygen purity (+/- 3%) throughout the life of the product. DeVilbiss oxygen concentrators are sold worldwide and continue to be a market-leading solution.

In the early 90’s, DeVilbiss brought important innovation to the oxygen industry with the introduction of PulseDose oxygen conserving technology. Oxygen conserving devices are attached to the top of an oxygen cylinder to regulate the flow of oxygen. While there are other oxygen-conserving devices on the market, PulseDose quickly became the gold standard in this area because of its ability to deliver a precise and consistent bolus or “shot” of oxygen at the moment a user inhales. Other oxygen-conserving devices would deliver an inconsistent amount of oxygen when the user would start to breathe faster (due to physical activity), or even skip the delivery of oxygen on some breaths. PulseDose is able to maintain its precise delivery, regardless of how quickly the user is breathing.

The DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen System features built-in patented PulseDose technology – allowing the iGo to keep pace with users regardless of their activity level. The iGo in PulseDose mode delivers a consistent bolus size of 14 ml per prescription setting. The precise amount of oxygen delivered for each prescription setting is as follows:

1 LPM = 14 ml per breath
2 LPM = 28 ml per breath
3 LPM = 42 ml per breath
4 LPM = 56 ml per breath
5 LPM = 70 ml per breath
6 LPM = 84 ml per breath

Oxygen delivery in PulseDose mode is very efficient (10 liters per minutes), allowing oxygen to be delivered deep in the lungs and increasing the amount of usable oxygen.

Finally, PulseDose technology minimizes discomfort often associated with continuous-flow oxygen. By delivering oxygen only when it is required by a user, dryness in the nose and associated discomfort can be alleviated.

The image below demonstrates how PulseDose delivers oxygen. As soon as inhalation begins, PulseDose senses it and delivers a fast, precise, consistent bolus of oxygen.