Consent Form from Your Doctor for iGo Use on Airlines

All airlines require a completed and signed licensed physician’s consent form related to your portable oxygen concentrator (POC) before you will be allowed to board the aircraft. This is to verify that you require use of your POC and know how to operate it. Because your iGo has been approved for airline use by the FAA, it must be allowed on flights that originate or end inside the United States.

Airline guidelines on portable oxygen concentrators vary, so be sure to speak with a representative of your specific carrier prior to your flight(s). Usually an airline will request information such as this (which is included in a physician consent form):

  • If the user is able to operate the POC and respond to its alarms, and if not, if the user is traveling with a companion capable of performing these functions.
  • The phases of the flight (taxi, takeoff, cruise, landing) during which use of the device is medically necessary
  • The maximum flow rate corresponding to cabin pressure under normal operating conditions, typically approximately 8,000 feet.
  • Proof that you have sufficiently charged batteries to last 150% of the anticipated flight times, including pre-boarding, flight, landing and layover.

In general, airlines require you to do the following if you will be using a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) on a flight –

  1. Inform the airline of POC use requirement when you make your reservation or buy tickets.
  2. Check in at least two hours before your flight departure.
  3. Have your POC and signed physician’s letter ready for airline review.
  4. Be prepared to get on the plane early with the pre-boarding group.

Most airlines have their own physician's consent form. Check with your airline or travel agent to obtain a copy. Click here for links to physician's consent forms/information for some of the major U.S. airlines.