On the Go with iGo – Car, Plane, Train, Bus, Ship and Walking

While the DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen System sets you free to go everywhere and makes travel far more streamlined than other oxygen delivery methods, here are some things to keep in mind – no matter how you’re getting there and back.

Car Travel

  • Use the DC power adapter for your car’s power port/cigarette lighter
  • Make sure the engine is running before using your iGo – a car battery can be drained if the iGo or other devices are operated while the vehicle is turned off
  • Check with your doctor before a trip to see if a change in altitude or climate might have an effect on your breathing – you may have to adjust your oxygen flow rate accordingly
  • As with all types of oxygen, never smoke while using your iGo

Bus Travel

  • Major bus carriers like Greyhound and Trailways allow use of supplemental oxygen devices like the iGo
  • Bus lines generally ask that you give them 48-hour notice about use of your POC before traveling with them
  • This early notice allows bus lines to make necessary arrangements to provide any assistance you may need
  • Make sure you have sufficient battery life before beginning your trip – power outlets are not available on buses, but may be accessible in some transportation terminals
  • Greyhound assistance line for travelers with disabilities: 800.752.4841
  • Trailways assistance line: check your phone book or online as Trailways operates on a regional basis

Train Travel

  • Amtrak permits the use of supplemental oxygen devices like the iGo
  • Amtrak requires you to notify them of your on-board oxygen use at least 12 hours before you board the train
  • You cannot rely solely on on-board electrical power on an Amtrak train – you must have the battery power to operate your unit for at least four hours without “plugging in”
  • Electrical outlets ARE available for passengers who will be staying in a sleeping car
  • Amtrak number for questions and assistance: 800.872.7245


Ship Travel

  • Many cruise ship lines permit passengers to bring a personal supply of oxygen aboard, like your iGo
  • Contact your cruise line before you travel to learn about their specific guidelines
  • Generally cruise ships supply electrical outlets allowing you to recharge your iGo battery
  • Numbers to phone for more information from major cruise lines -
    Carnival 866.299.5698
    Celebrity 800.647.2251
    Cunard 800.728.6273
    Disney 800.951.3532
    Holland America 877.724.5425
    Princess 800.774.6237
    Regent Seven Seas 877.505.5370
    Royal Caribbean 888.562.7625

Air Travel

Please see our complete section on Air Travel for more information.


  • Thanks to the durable, easy-roll wheels of your iGo rolling case, it’s easy to walk and breathe freely
  • Wheels tackle rougher streets and pavement
  • Sturdy pull-up handle makes it easy to bring your iGo along in the rolling case
  • Case includes access openings for cannula and controls are readily accessible